Meet Our CEO/ Founder

 I'm Shante Graham, a 38-year-old Texas native who was born and raised in Dallas. My passion has always been helping others from all walks of life, and seeing a grin on their face while doing so makes my heart glad. Due to COVID-19 and going through a divorce, 2020 required perseverance to acclimate to working from home. I then moved into a compact apartment in Irving, Texas, not far from where I worked at State Farm. What can I do to be great? I started to consider my upcoming chapter. I started making notes about how I could have an influence in my neighborhood. My primary attention at the time was on the Serenity prayer. God, give me the calm to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. 

I started to see myself as the go-to source for guidance and was constantly giving friends and family advise on how to go forward in life when a challenge may arise. A "Big Sister" was just what I needed when I was younger. God gave me the word mentor, which is defined as a person who offers expertise as a coach or counsel to a mentee who is less experienced or more advanced. Serenity Mentoring was formed at that time.  However, imposter syndrome and fear were standing in the way of me launching my own business, but I felt at that precise moment that this was my calling. God started to provide me the finances and strength to complete this goal for the next generation.

On October 21, 2020, Serenity Mentoring was established to assist young females all across the world. We have offered mentoring programs to females all around the Dallas, Houston, and California metroplex since 2021. However, I have included a new age range for 2021, 17 to 21 in Phoenix. Our latest grads belong exclusively to this age group. I think you'll still need your big sister's support after high school to help you grow into a better version of yourself. by setting a good example and serving as a role model who can provide our young females a successful future.

No matter what challenges life presents, I've learned as a woman to pray God for the power to overcome them, adjust your crown, and continue to soar with your head held high. I've learned from walking in my purpose thus far that it's acceptable to be coachable, flexible, and eager to learn more in order to become a better you!

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Shante M. Graham