Our Story:

Serenity mentoring was established in December 2020 to provide young girls with an effective mentoring program that teaches life, social, self-esteem, academic, and goal-setting skills.  As of right now, Serenity Mentoring offered virtual and in-person mentoring to at least 100 young girls as part of our community outreach, back-to-school activities, and Serenity Saturdays.

What We Offer:

Virtual Mentoring Sessions: For young girls between the ages of 7 and 11, we offer group mentoring sessions every Monday and Wednesday, depending on the mentees' age. Every Thursday, young ladies between the ages of 12 and 17 gather virtually. Google Meet is used for these meetings. Before each meeting, links are emailed out so that attendees can participate virtually on a phone or tablet. We discuss our monthly topic, such as self-esteem, peer pressure, anti-bullying, goal setting, development and fixed mindsets, and communication skills, in more detail during our virtual mentoring sessions. To make sure that our girls are learning in our program, we share videos and invite special guests to elaborate on our monthly subjects.

Serenity Saturdays: Serenity Saturdays are held on the final Saturday of each month. Mentees and staff from Serenity Mentoring get together to take part in community service projects, events, escape rooms, museums, and other activities. The mentee will learn a lesson from that from our Serenity Saturday.

Quarterly Workshops: We hold two-hour workshops every three months that are free and available to the public as well as to our mentees and their friends. We instruct the youth on Etiquette, Financial Literacy, Health, Boundaries, Human Trafficking, and Conflict Resolution during our programs. We invite distinguished guests to teach our youth girls and boys how to create a new product, enhancing their creative potential.

 **During all face-to-face events face masks are recommended and we will have wellness stations to help protect our girls against COVID-19****


Here are some photos of our Serenity Saturdays and Community Events:


Black Girl Magic Museum July 2021: Serenity Saturday



Etiquette Workshop March 2023: Quarterly Workshop


Serenity Saturday-Black Girl Magic Museum
Escape Room April 2023: Serenity Saturday
Mentoring Session October 2021: Making Charm Bracelets






Boundaries and Human Trafficking Workshop June 2022:






Union Gospel Mission for Women and Children October 2022: Community Outreach





 Financial Literacy  Workshop September 2022





 Community Outreach November 2021





Serenity Saturday June 2022




Serenity Saturday April 2022





 Serenity Mentoring Meet and Greet January 2022






Serenity Mentoring 2nd Annual Christmas Party






Serenity Mentoring 1st Photoshoot September 2020