Serenity Mentoring is a youth development non-profit organization that provides mentoring services for young girls ages 7-21 in the Dallas, Houston, and Southern region of California communities. Our program provides virtual mentoring services, face- to-face meetings, Serenity Mentoring camps, and workshops that teach each mentee more about life skills, social skills, hygiene, and more. In 2021 our program hosted at least 7 community outreach events more to come.

Serenity Mentoring

Our goal is to foster a commitment to young girls that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future.

Mission :
Empower young girls with a big sister designed mentoring program that instills life, social, self-esteem, academic, and goal-setting skills.

Vision: Be the change you want to see! We are dedicated to leading by example with a commitment to shaping the futures of every mentee by fostering a mindset of growth and excellence through mentorship. Leaving them equipped empowered to live as their best selves with the power to maximize their highest potential.
Value: We believe that impacting each mentee with this program will instill the characteristic of a great leader and an amazing future.

Our age group theme for our girls ages 7-21:

Lady Bugs: 7-10 Love and Joy

Butterflies: 11-14 Happiness and Creativity

Mermaids: 15-17 Strength and Determination

Phoenix: 18-21- Transformation and Luck

Serenity Mentoring believes that youth learn through exploration, hands-on experiences, and guidance. Therefore, at Serenity Mentoring we're destined to provide an impactful community based group and one-on-one mentoring services for our youth.